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Country Living Christmas Fair

It’s an annual tradition of mine to attend the Country Living Christmas Fair at the SECC in Glasgow. Each year I divulge into the Christmas spirit by checking out all of the beautiful decorations and gifts that are on offer, amongst the numerous and creatively thought-out stands. Here were some of my favourites:

Cari & Co.

This stand was full of quirky fashion and home accessories from scarves, cuffs, bolsters and cushions. Cari & Co is an award-winning Aberdeen-based company, where all items are made in Scotland with fine quality fabrics. Workshops are also available for those wishing to improve their craft and dressmaking skills.

Get in touch:

W: http://www.cariandco.com

E: cari@cariandco.com

T: 07729 508 007

Kathleen McAuliffe

Award winning Irish designer, Kathleen McAuliffe has a unique hats and accessories shop in Dingle, Ireland. Her stand was full of beautiful, vintage-style designs – as you can see I had a favourite!

Get in touch:

W: http://www.kathleenmcauliffe.com

E: info@kathleenmcauliffe.com

T: 0669 150 644

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Horny Beasts

Horny Beasts is a home accessories and soft furnishings company based in the West of Scotland. They specialise in contemporary mounted antler decorations which I just love! If you are stag crazy at the moment (like me) then it is definitely worth taking a look.

Get in touch:

W: http://www.hornybeasts.co.uk

E: info@hornybeasts.co.uk

T: 07779 661474

Bears by Sue Quinn

Sue presented her adorable ‘Hedgehog Corner’ within her stand, full of delightful little hand-made hedgehog characters, complete with various costumes and accessories. Sue uses top quality fabrics such as mohair, alpaca, silk and wool for her hedgehogs and bears, and also carries out a repair service for any damaged teddies.

Get in touch:

W: http://www.bearsbysuequinn.co.uk

E: sue@bearsbysuequinn.co.uk

T: 0141 887 9916

Alphabet Photography

Alphabet Photography is an on-line Canadian company who search for un-staged objects that resemble letters of the English alphabet, creating individual words and a unique piece of art for everyone.

Get in touch:

W: http://www.alphabetphotography.co.uk

E: michael@alphabetphotography.co.uk

T: 07877 413506

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Leah Halliday

This colourful stand was full of quirky handmade gifts and vintage homewares. Based in the South West of Scotland, Leah finds her inspiration from fabrics, vintage bits and pieces, nostalgic images, ribbons and trims, and many of her gifts are one-off pieces, limited editions or made to order.

Get in touch:

W: http://www.leahhalliday.co.uk

E: hello@leahhalliday.co.uk

T: 07762 138 713

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Amanda Mercer

Amanda Mercer

One of my favourite stands at the exhibition, Amanda creates ceramic and porcelain gifts inspired by memories and nostalgia. A graduate in BA Hons Contemporary Applied Arts, Amanda incorporates anything from vintage buttons, scraps of lace, black and white photographs to stamps and letters within her designs, creating unique and beautiful girly gifts.

Get in touch:

W: http://www.amanda-mercer.co.uk

E: info@amanda-mercer.co.uk

T: 07963 781 125

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