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I had my first ever spiritual reading at the weekend, which beforehand I had been very apprehensive about for obvious reasons. At first I did ponder on the thought of this lady being some sort of con artist, where after half an hour I would leave feeling unsatisfied and £35 down. On the other hand, I was nervous for what she was perhaps about to tell me, as I do believe in angels and ghosts after all.

As I walked into the hotel where she currently rents an office, I felt a flutter of butterflies in my stomach – I really didn’t know what to expect.  A fairly small, middle-aged woman with short hair and a surprisingly fashionable dress sense approached me, “My youngest sensed you would be slim with fair hair. It’s a shame you don’t have your leather jacket on!”

Speechless for a brief moment, I smiled and eventually asked, “How does she know I have a leather jacket?”

Apparently, two of her four children also have ‘the gift’, and from that I also found out she has two dogs and lives in the suburbs. I of course tried not to give anything away about myself, as the key to this experience is obviously not to provide these people with clues to feed from. I therefore grasped this experience with a cynical approach in order to prevent myself from getting carried away with the hype of it all.

There are various types of spiritual readings you can go for. Palm reading is one, a clairvoyant who tells you your future is another, but in this case, the ‘reader’ uses angels as their information source. She told me this is called ‘Reiki with angels’ – in other words, using the work of angels to receive guidance and assistance from the angelic realm. Set around her room were also crystal stones, I suppose used to set the mood, as well as what looked like packs of tarot cards.

The first spooky insight she hit me with was that she knew the colour of my dogs eyes (he is an Australia Blue Merle Collie and so has wolf-like eyes) and that he was scared of water as a pup. I took this with a pinch of salt as I have a picture of my dog as my Facebook cover page, and although my page is private, this picture is still visible to see. OK, I thought, let’s see what else you’ve got up your sleeve!

“She’s very proud of you you know, your guardian angel is here, your Great Grandma.” This slightly knocked me off my cynical perch, as my mother often tells me that my Great Grandma is my guardian angel. Nobody would have known that. “There are also two other grandparents in the room.” Ha! Got you! “All my grandparents are alive” I said. But without hesitance she told me, “No, these are from your partner’s mother’s side of the family. They say they are proud of the path that their grandson is on. He is very work-orientated and should expect a positive career change in March next year.”

Hmm this is good I thought, I actually have some information I can use as a measurement, and so I note this down on a spare bit paper. Let’s see if this career change actually happens. She advises me to write everything she says down in case I am unsure of something and can refer back later. Throughout the allotted half an hour she told me the following:

  • I will get a house within the next 12 to 14 months but be engaged beforehand (yay!).
  • My little brother will be in the police force.
  • I’m a daddy’s girl and that it is his birthday in the next 6 weeks (which it is!).
  • She could hear the sound of kids from my partner’s mother’s house (she backs onto a playground) and said that she really needs to go to the dentist (random I thought, but nevertheless I shall pass the message on).
  • She knew that I was recently in Dyce (which I told her ‘yes for an interview’) and she said I would have a new job by mid December.
  • She asked who ‘J’ in my family was and I automatically said my mum ‘Jacqueline’ (but really it could have also been my granddad, brother or uncle). She told me to take a leaf out of my mother’s book as she doesn’t like to disappoint people but will always do what is best for her. She also told me my gut instinct is very strong and that I should follow it.
  • I am also going to visit Australia in 2 years time for a 2-3 week holiday – sounds good to me!

Well I guess it’s just a waiting game now to see if any of this is true. However, it was this last insight that gave me chills. As the half hour approached its end, she asked me if I could pass a message on to my partner’s mother from her parents. This I have decided to keep private. All I can say is that once the half hour was up, I did end up leaving her ‘room of angels’ feeling satisfied and slightly on a high, excited to tell my partner and family about my reading. Although a lot of her ramblings were about my partners side of the family, I got a good feeling from her and knew that both my partner and his mother would appreciate what she had to say.

Verdict – I recommend visiting one for yourself. Be careful though, as although most are advised only tell you good things, my friends mother refused to tell her about her reading due to something which obviously spooked her. My advice is that you only see someone who has personally been recommended to you by a friend. Even if most of the information turns out to be meaningless, I still left the room with a good feeling and the belief that my Great Grandma may have been in that same room with me.



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