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Get into the Christmas spirit

Christmas shopping; to start or not to start? That is the question!

At the weekend I came to the conclusion that I would perhaps only start to look for Christmas ideas, not necessarily buy anything. Although I only live a 15 minute walk-away from Aberdeen’s city centre shops, I decided to take my car because of the freezing north-east climate and park at the large multi-story. As I drove toward the entrance, bright green letters hit me. FULLOh bugger! Are people starting the panic present buying already? It was only Halloween just over a week ago!

As the cheerful gentleman at the entrance told me I was more than welcome to enter and search around for a parking space, I thought I may as well since I’m here now. And to my luck (and after a little road rage) I secure a space. Phew, panic over. Now to get stuck into some retail therapy!

The word ‘therapy’ should perhaps be used with caution here. As I enter the shopping centre it is madness; woman scampering around like headless turkeys, men with that look of dread spread across their face, and children on the hunt for Santa’s Grotto. Yet, because I really am a sucker for Christmas, I grin and bear it and get to work with my fellow Crimbo shoppers.

I have to say, some of the shops have went to a great effort with their window displays. As I observe the winter woollies on mannequins, the foam snowmen and the sparkle of the decorations, that warm fuzzy feeling settles in the pit of my stomach. This lands me in the right mood for my Christmas tree mission.

Now that I have my own home, it’s not only about the present shopping for me but the decorations too. After only 1 hour, I have successfully selected a tree and a handful of decorations.

Here is one of my favourites:

Woven Reindeer - TK Maxx £15.99

Woven Reindeer – TK Maxx £15.99

My wish list for Christmas decorations has suddenly got a lot longer. And to help get you into the Christmas spirit, here are some bargains that I have picked out:


Vintage Christmas Jar – M&S £25


Christmas Robin – Next £15

Reindeer Lantern - Dunelm £2.99 Why not add some sparkle with fairy lights inside

Reindeer lantern – Dunelm £2.99
Why not add some sparkle with fairy lights inside


Woven Heart – John Lewis £18


Birdhouse Tree Decoration – M&S £4


Make your house smell of Christmas with Cinnamon Sticks – John Lewis set of 10 £6


And who can forget that cosy Christmas Jumper – TK Maxx £16.99

So as I arrive back home having left the panic-stricken shoppers behind and with a much longer wish list, I wonder…

Is it too early to put up my tree??



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