Radio Revamp

If you fancy adding a vintage touch to one of your rooms then why not upcycle an old classic valve radio?

You can pick one up from your local vintage or charity shop for pennies, or have a search on eBay there are plenty on offer there too!

Fortunately for me, I had been given one (along with many other vintage goodies) when my partners great aunt sadly passed away. She lived until she was 95 and had collected some amazing furniture, jewellery and clothes over the years. I was given a fur coat, a vase, a beautiful vintage mirror and brush set and this 1970s Fidelity Rad 15…


It’s not the prettiest radio I have seen but it definitely has that retro look. And since I was in the process of freshening up my bedroom (and in an arty mood) I thought I would get my mitts dirty and give this radio the revamp it deserves.

My boudoir colours are currently duck egg blue and cream with a girly floral theme added to the finishing touches. I therefore selected this pot of ‘Pale Delphinium’ by Laura Ashley to start the beautifying process.


I LOVE all the Laura Ashley colours and have collected four pots so far should anything else need upcycling or a bit of DIY Dan work done to it!

And so with a small to medium-sized paintbrush and a fairly steady hand, I started my handy work. And hey presto…


Pretty nifty if I do say so myself!



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