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Every Last Detail, an events and gifts company based in Fife, celebrate their 1st birthday tomorrow. Looking back on the year, I interview Laura Poole, director and founder, to find out what it is that inspires her.

Hi Laura, in your own words, can you explain to me what it is that Every Last Detail do?

We are involved in event planning and marketing for various occasions from general to retail events. We can plan and cater for the following:

General Birthday, New Baby, Christening, Engagement, Stag/Hen Party, Wedding, Fundraiser Event, New Store Opening, Dinner/Cocktail Party or Night Club VIP.

Depending on requirements, we will organise the venue, decorations, performers, catering, games, transportation and invitations. As well as event planning we also sell handmade gifts and decorations to fit any occasion; wedding, new baby, and so on. 

That sounds like a lot of planning! What inspired you to start-up Every Last Detail?

I’ve always been quite crafty but I started by making the props for the visual displays in Officers Club where I work part-time, and it just grew from there really!

Describe a typical day in the office?

First thing I check my emails and Facebook for comments and orders. Then I go through the order book to see which orders are next in line, make a start on them, then do a bit of research which usually takes me to lunch time. Lunch for me usually consists of chips, cheese & curry sauce and numerous cups of coffee! If I’m working in Officers Club then everything has to wait until 6pm, which means a late night for me. Throughout the day I’m also checking Facebook, blogs and Pinterest for inspiration and ideas!

A busy day then, how many of you are on the Every Last Detail team? Or are you a one-man band?

It’s just myself, if I’m unwell or away on holiday then my mum looks after the Facebook page for me and occasionally my boyfriend gets roped into doing some proof reading and framing.

I’m sure he enjoys that! What are the best and worst parts of the job?

The best is working with different people every day and seeing the finished product. The worst is the late nights! Having Rhys, my 4 year old can be tiring as he’s a ball of fire!

Who or what is your main source of inspiration for your products and event ideas? 

A lot of my products are trial and error! If I’m at a friend’s house I’m constantly checking out their decor. I also visit markets, high street shops, charity shops or even IKEA. I’ll see something and my mind will go off on one thinking about how I could create something similar or work on it to make it better.

Where do you see Every Last Detail in 5 years time? 

I’m currently looking into leasing a unit so I can hopefully open a store of my own, meaning I can leave my part-time job and work for myself. Hopefully in 5 years I will have a good-sized shop and a hard-working team who share my passion and enthusiasm for this type of job.

What advice would you give to someone else hoping to start-up on their own?

Go in with an open mind, always be professional but with personality and learn to take criticism. Also, as soon as you stop enjoying it that’s when you know it’s not for you.

At the moment, Laura works from home but has provided some product examples below:

Event Material

Word Clouds


*New baby & cute as a button cards £3.50 each or 2 for £5. Xmas cards start at £2 each or 6 for £10

Record Frames

*Single record £20 or album record £25

Scrabble Frames


*price varies depending on number of names

Personalised Pillows


*£20 for 30cm x 30cm, or £27 for 40cm x 40cm

Fancy hosting an Every Last Detail party?


For more information on these products, please contact Every Last Detail directly on:

Email: everylastdetailfife@hotmail.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/everylast.detail.7

Telephone: 07881 309 366



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